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Family road trip to Kalbarri: Part 1 - Making mistakes

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Our first road trip in Australia was from Perth to Kalbarri in July 2020. It was winter here so we decided to go north where it's a bit warmer.

Driving on the left side of the road
Driving on the left side of the road | Maayana Photos

It's funny how things are all upside down here - north is warmer, Christmas is in the middle of summer and you drive on the left side of the road.

Driving so far with a one-year old is a challenging experience, especially when it's your first child and you still have no idea how these things work. From the moment we got in the car early in the morning Ofir didn't stop screaming. We thought it was the sun, so we covered the window with the changing blanket, but it didn't stop. We played music, we sang to her but nothing lasted more than a couple of minutes - and with a 5.5 hours drive ahead it wasn't going to be fun.

Fun 5.5 hours car ride, Maayana Photos
Fun 5.5 hours car ride

Our first destination stop was in the Pinnacles Desert. We were short of snacks (first mistake) and had no idea of how we'll survive this day. Finally after two hours of consistent screaming we have arrived to this incredible place, the sky was so beautiful that day and even though it was noon the clouds softened the sun-light so it was just perfect for shooting. While I was wandering around with my camera, Ofir had a bit of play time and Tom stopped her from destroying the place and injuring herself.

Pinnacles, WA | Maayana Photos
Relaxed Ofir & daddy, Pinnacles, WA

After a lite lunch, we continued our journey to our overnight stop in Geraldton. We had no vision of our stops on the way in didn't really know what to look for so we ended up stopping in boring gas stations with nothing for Ofir to do except sitting on the front of the car (second mistake), so it was quite challenging.

Happy little tot, Pinnacles, WA | Maayana photos
Happy little tot

By the time we arrived to Geraldton we were all exhausted and with a few years taken away from our lives. We settled in the motel and went to grab dinner in a local pub, chasing Ofir all over it in circles.

To be continued...

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