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Family trip to Kalbarri: Part 2 (Never ending space)

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

We arrived in Geraldton for our overnight stop after an exhausting 5.5 hours drive. Read the first part here.

The next day we learned from our mistakes and decided we can't drive anywhere before our little energiser releases some of her energy. We got our coffees at "Two Foreshore" while Ofir tired herself out in the playground next to it, Tom did some snack and food shopping and picked us up just in time for her morning nap. Great success!

Baby playing with sand
Releasing energy

After almost two hours of driving none stop (ok maybe a couple of stops for photos in the middle of nowhere to capture the never-ending road) we arrived in Kalbarri, organised our stuff in the townhouse in Sunset Villas and went to a stroll in the 1,349 population town. After a nice lunch at Angies, we went back home and then straight to the beach.

The best thing about the beach here is not the water. The ocean is too scary most of the time to go in, but the white silky sand and the distances between you and everyone else gives you the feeling that you are the only people in the world. Ofir loved playing in the sand and running around in it, we could finally relax from this crazy road trip.

, we kept on going straight instead of turning left to the more touristic part and found ourselves leaving cash in an envelope for our entry ticket (something that would never work in Israel...). We had some morning tea in one small skywalk and drove back to the famous skywalk when we realised that wasn't the right one.

The next Morning we drove to Kalbarri National park. It took us a while to find the place we were looking for, but the view was incredible and the sky looked like a soft cuddly blanket so we didn't mind the extra miles. After a few short walks we ran out of Bambas (an Israeli peanut butter snack) which caused a long tantrum in the middle of the uphill way back from Nature's Window to the car. I was so grateful for my workout routine that keeps me strong for these situations.

We arrived back to Kalbarri after a decent nap in the car (guess who's...) and had some time to stroll around before dinner. We decided to arrive early to the sports bar that opens their dinner service at 5pm, and so did everyone else in Kalbarri. We waited for almost an hour till we had our food on the table, had time to talk to our Savtas (grandmas), run around the bar and create relationships with a couple of dogs and their teenage-owners.

One beautiful, long day.

To be continued...

Maayana Photogrphy


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