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Meet the Jacksons

After postponing this session once already, I was pretty sure it will have to be postponed again because of the rain that day, but Chelsea was really excited to go shoot in the rain, and I of course - didn't have any problem with that.

Chelsea and Sam's story:

Chelsea moved to Melbourne from the Phillipines when she was only 6 months old. Sam was born and raised in Melbourne, and basically lived at the same block for 23 years until moving to WA with his own family.

They met at RMIT uni in 2010 when they both took the same bio-chem course. Sam was at his third year studying nano-tech while Chelsea was on her first year in bio-tech. Sam's friends found out that Chelsea had an eye on him, so he asked her out. She is his first girlfriend.

In the same year they had another course together and as two competitive people they were annoyed to discover that they got the same grades in both courses: 81, 82, and they couldn't tell who is better.

In 2019 Chelsea and Sam moved from Melbourne to Perth for Sam's work with their two boys: Caleb and Ethan. They love it here and think it's the perfect place to raise a family.

What they had to say about the experience:

"Maayan hands down the best photographer I've ever had. It can be particular difficult and frustrating to take photos of my boys who love to run and muck around. We shot on a very rainy day and she took so many beautiful photos - we got a rainbow! I literally bawled thinking that she would only get a few photos due to the weather but I was completely wrong! She got so many photos. Would definitely recommend her."

Maayana photos


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