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No street cats, but plenty of birds in Perth.

When you leave the familiar and move to the other end of the world, it's most likely that you'll try to compare what you know to the new reality. That's how I started comparing cats and birds to each other.

Gala fight, By Maayana Photos
Gala Dance, Perth, WA

One of the first things I noticed here in Perth is that there are no cats on the streets. For Australians it is probably a funny observation, but as an Israeli growing up with lost cats and dogs on the streets, it symbolises a healthy, clean and caring environment. There is no one jumping at you when you throw out your bins, no one hiding in your car engine in winter to get warm and no open plastic containers with milk are placed in the street.

The only thing you do have here on the streets are birds. So many different types of birds I couldn't believe. Colourful parrots of all kinds, pelicans, darters, ducks, coots, black swans and much more. I even find the ibises (or "Bin chickens" in the local slang) charming.

Australian darter stilling on a branch, Perth, WA by Maayana photos
Australian darter sitting on a branch south of the river

At first I felt like a bird photographer and even had a very short thought of becoming one, but then I realised I don't have to be a bird photographer to document birds here - I can just go outside in the right hour and take a snap. If I want to photograph cats here on the other hand, I will have to visit some cat loving friends and try and get their cats' cooperation, which so far - hasn't been a great success.

Black cockatoo, Jirdarup bushland, WA by Maayana photos
Black cockatoos, Jirdarup bushland, WA

You probably would have thought that kangaroos will replace the cats here, but the truth is - you don't see them that often, especially not in the city. You'll have to look them up in specific places like Heirisson Island (well, that's technically a reserve inside the city) or Whiteman park, which is an amazing family park where you can actually feed and cuddle all Aussie animals.

Kangaroo in Heirisson Island, Maayana photos
Kangaroo in Heirisson Island, not a cat.

Maybe one day I will dive deeper into the world of birds and animals, but for now it will stay as only a small part of my story.

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