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The best family photo experience for Christmas 2023 !!!

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Imagine your dreamy Aussie Christmas photo with your family. The one that will make you shed a tear now and in a few years when your kids are older. How does it look like?

When I moved to Australia in 2020 I had a vision - to capture the essence of a true Aussie Christmas. In 2022 - it became reality and we had our first Christmas on the beach family session, and the results were amazing!

This year it will happen again and I am so excited to invite you on this beautiful day on one of Perth's beautiful beaches.

When is the session taking place?

Our Christmas on the beach session will take place in the morning hours when the sun is just in the right spot to give us all these beautiful colours of the sand and ocean. Along with your family, the tree and decorations it will be just perfect!

How long does it take?

This is a mini session that only takes 15 minutes, so you can make a day out of it, bring some snacks and stay at the beach before and after your session. If you have small children they will have the best time decorating our tree and "opening" the presents.

How many people can we bring?

One family - One slot, if you want to book an extended session, book the slots according to the number of families - so if you are 2 siblings with their families and a couple of grandparents - it means you will need to book 3 slots (45 minutes) so we will have enough time to capture every family separately and together.

OK, I'm in, how do I prepare for my Christmas session?

1. Talk to your kids about it and get them all excited about the photos.

2. Prepare your clothes in advance - choose 1-2 theme colours and stick with them for everyone. Bright colours are best for beach photos.

3. Let your little ones be part of your decisions on what to take to the beach, bring your own decorations if you'd like.

4. Get there early enough. Set up your stuff and come down when it's your time slot.

5. Bring snacks that don't stain for before the shoot if necessary (crackers, biscuits etc.) and leave the fruits and messy snacks for after the shoot.

6. HAVE FUN!!! make a family day out of it, this is the main reason to do this.

Want to join us?

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