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The birth of a hidden dream

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

It makes sense that my first blog post will be an introduction of my business, and tell you my story of how I got to achieve a big dream, that I didn't really know I had - until I discovered it.

My name is Maayan, I was born in Israel in 1989 and lived most of my life there, except a couple of years in NY and one semester in Dusseldorf, Germany. in 2020 I moved with my family to Perth, WA.

Long before the smartphones and the emails were invented, my parents used to capture our life in the USA in stills and videos and send the tapes and prints to our family back home. My dad used to design our printed photos in the sticky pages albums, write, draw and tell stories through visual elements he combined in it. I am pretty sure that he transferred his love for aesthetics to me.

I bought my first camera when I was about 12 years old, it was a gift from my parents. The digital cameras just came out, and it was very exciting to see the photo that I just took on the little screen. My camera came everywhere with me, to family gathering, trips and even to school. I loved it, but didn't know that this was my destiny.

My camera continued to accompany me to my classes in my Bachelor degree in visual communication, and I started getting better feedbacks on my photography. That was probably the reason why I chose my final graduation project to be media and photography, and it led me to a career in sport photography and videography. I worked with different sport clubs and created female empowering projects for clients and collaborations.

My life changed when my daughter was born In July 2019. My time became hers, and it gave me a different perspective over life. We moved to Perth in January 2020, when she was only six months old, and COVID-19 just started shutting the world down. I had plenty of time to think of my next step.

This relocation to WA inspired me to create from my heart again, for the sake of creation and documentation without thinking too much. I captured our life here in Perth, and shared it on social media. During this time I met mums and families in similar situations and it was interesting to hear their stories.

The name for my business came to me one day while I was thinking of my dad who passed away at 2018. The nickname he had for me was the natural choice - MAAYANA.

More than I like taking photos, I like to observe. Maayana is all about capturing life and telling a story, I don't search for perfection but for authenticity. I believe that the beauty is in the natural, candid dynamics between people, and what is better than capturing a fun time outdoors?

If this post made you feel like you want a family session, please don't hesitate and give me a call or a text, I'd love to capture your memories and tell your story.

Maayan Rimmer

(+61) 407051664

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