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I discovered the love for photography at a very young age, but only at 25 I realised that it is probably my destiny to become a photographer. The camera went everywhere with me through school excursions and family holidays to student life and projects, we were inseparable.

In 2015 I released my final project in Visual communication studies "Keep training" talking about the prejudices that female athletes deal with since a very young age and empowering to continue. The project was revolutionary at the time and got much interest from the media in Israel. I became well known in the sports industry in Israel and worked mostly with sport clubs, events, personal trainers and organisations.

Six months after my daughter was born, in January 2020, we moved to Perth, WA for my partner's studies. It was just before COVID-19 locked the world down and I had plenty of time to think about my next step in Australia.

Today I focus on family photography, I aspire to tell stories through my photos, literally and visually, to inspire, entertain, and leave a wonderful memory of the present that will last forever.


In addition, in this website I have accomplished a long-living dream of mine to establish my own online shop with photos from all over the world, starting here - in the most inspiring WA.

Hope you enjoy it all,

Maayan Rimmer

for my sport and business website click here

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