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Mory & Spotty's story

Mory and Spotty's (Scott) story reminds us of a Hollywood movie of dreams coming true against all odds, and sprinkles pleasant optimism thinking how everything can happen - if we truly wish for it.

Mory was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, she never intended to live in Australia but her partner back then was about to start his studies in Adelaide so she followed him and signed into the Flinders University to study marine biology. After graduation she and her partner decided to stay in Australia and found a job running a road house in Karratha, where their first daughter was born. After 3 years in the Pilbara heat they moved to Perth.

Scott is a small town boy from North Island, New Zealand. By the age of 3.5 after having several fractures in different places (the first one at the age of 18 months breaking his femur) his parents discovered he has a rare condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (O.I in short) which is an inherited bone disorder that makes almost every activity a risk for a serious injury, especially contact sport which he had to give up on. As for today he can count more than 30 fractures in a lifetime.

Scott arrived in Australia in 2009 trying to pursue a better lifestyle, but nothing seemed to work and he went back to NZ. In 2013After his grandmother passed away and left him some money he decided to try again and came to live with his best mate in Perth. This time things kicked off, and he stayed.

Seven months after Mory's second daughter was born, when she was already a single mum raising her two daughters by herself she met Scott through a dating app. Their first date took place in Mory’s house, they watched the Kiwi movie “Boy” and she couldn’t understand a tiny bit of their accent.

Only six weeks have passed and Scott, who already got the name Spotty from the girls, moved in with the little family. Now they just call him Daddy and nag him about a wedding ring for mummy.

Mory knew she wanted one more child, and the risk of passing on spotty's disorder didn't change her mind. They have researched and found that there is a chance to have a healthy child, but it may cost them some time and heartbreaks.

After two years, and two unsuccessful pregnancies in a difficult COVID time, where no visitors were allowed in the hospital, Mory and Spotty finally got the present they were waiting for - a healthy baby boy.

In November 2021 Little Toby joined earth side to complete the family of 5. He is lucky to have two sisters who adore him, and parents who could not be happier.

Written and photographed by Maayan Rimmer,

Maayana Photos


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