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This is what you should do with your family photos at the end of 2023

Updated: Jan 1

We forgot how it's like to send actual letters and cards in the mail. We have so many different ways to contact each other from afar today that we don't really invest in actual material that will become so sentimental over the years, that it will leave all other memories on the cloud behind.

Aussie Christmas family photos | Maayana photos

Imagen your auntie's face when she picks up her mail and discovers a Christmas card with your authentic Aussie Christmas photo on it. Designed Cards are lovely to receive, but when your photos are showing on it it is much more touching. This way you and your loved ones who are far away can track your kids growth and the changes your family is going through every year.

Designing is my other love (and my bachelors degree to be totally honest) this is why I don't just aspire to give my families the best photos but I am continuously working on giving them the best printed memories.

If you like this idea, come and join us on our Christmas on the beach mini sessions day.

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