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This New Year is going to be special...

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

As a graduated graphic designer I have always aspired to combine design with my photography work. In the past years I have done it mostly with other businesses, designing their logos, websites and merchs. But this year I'm taking it to my own brand.

Designing print products for families is not so different than designing for a business. In fact, it's the same thing - only this time the business is mine. I started with designing classic albums for events that I shot, but I felt like there is more to do with family photos.

This year, my 2021 clients got a gift for the new year - a 2022 calendar, which Ofir (my daughter) helped me deliver personally, some by foot, some by bike and some by car.

We had such a good time making and delivering these presies, and most of all seeing the look on the families faces when receiving them.

Wish you all a fantastic new year!

And if you know anyone that had a session with me last year, contact them... They might have a gift for you ;)

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