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Family trip to Kalbarri: Part III (Playgrounds, playgrounds)

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

The way back from Kalbarri was so much easier than the way there. We discovered that WA is so convenient for traveling with children and realised how lucky we are to live here.

the playground in Lanceline
the playground in Lanceline

A night before we left we made a last minute decision to stop in Geraldton for the night again, and found a unit in a caravan park near the beach.

On the way there we made some beautiful stops in Pink lake, port gregory and Horrocks beach with the clear blue water and playground. Of course we didn't miss a visit at the beach near the caravan park (and the playground near it) at evening before bed time.

After some pancakes and a play in the morning we took off back to Perth. We researched about nice places to stop on the way and made a short stop every couple of hours in Jurian bay and Lancelin both had playgrounds of course. after 4 days away we already felt like we mastered our traveling-with-baby program, and realised that WA is the perfect place to travel with a baby with all these playgrounds in every little beautiful corner.

Lancelin, WA
Lancelin, WA

In the last 30 minutes of our drive, when we entered the city suburbs Ofir started to loose patience, but a roll of toilet paper saved the day and by the time we parked in our house it was all over the back seat. Oh well, at least we learned our lessons and had a good ride.

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